Monday, 11 April 2011

KattyCat, green-fingered cat.

It's official: my parents love me.
They brought me back my own wee garden from the shop - full of Nepeta racemosa. (that's the name for geeks like mummy, the plant biologist. It's actually called catnip, or catmint, or KattyCat's-very-own-favourite-thing-on-earth).
I love it.
I love it so much that i'm going to lick the leaves everyday, to make sure my plants are well watered.
One needs to be very careful with catmint and maintain a high humindity to make sure one gets lots and lots of new leaves in the weeks to come.
One loves being a gardener.

Monday, 10 January 2011

KattyCat, Queen of the house.

At last, my status has been recognised and officialised. I mean, i've always known i was the ruler, but it's nice to have the crown on my head at last.
Except that i did hear the parents laughing when they took this picture - i have no idea why.
Don't i look distinguished and proud on my living-room throne ? Well, i think so. And it's all that matters.
And as my role model Queen Victoria once said, the important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

KattyCat, Christmas decoration.

I have been told that i'm the prettiest Christmas decoration - i tend to think that it's quite true. I mean, everybody's commenting on how beautiful i am, so why wouldn't i think it's true ?
The problem with being a Christmas decoration, is that i didn't get a Christmas present - it comes with the function it seems. OK, so it's been snowing a lot just before the holidays, and the Christmas shopping was kind of cut short, and i was promised to get a new scratching pole in the new year, as soon as the snow melts. But i still suspect it has to do with "the sale", and the fact that i always show more interest to Christmas wrapping than to Christmas present. Yet, is it acceptable ? Where is my new pole ? Why am i not being spoiled rotten as a beautiful girl like me should ?
Well, the parents got slankets, so i guess it's not all doom and gloom on the Christmas present front - it's SO soft to sit on them those days, i can't get enough of it. Like right now, i'm upside down, dreaming, all curled up on a soft chocolate brown slanket (and yes, i can sleep AND tell you all about my life at the same time). If that's being a Christmas decoration, can i do just that all year long ?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

KattyCat, not jealous.

My mum's mum - i guess that would be my granny ? - anyway, my mum's mum's cat - is that my auntie ? - has had babies - are they my cousins ? Gosh, cross-species families are complicated.
Anyway, 3 kittens.
Very cute.
No, no, i'm not jealous of their cuteness, i mean they ARE cute, that's a fact, and now i'm even showing them on my blog, sharing my fame with them, so there, i'm not jealous.
But seriously, what is there with kittens and humans ?
I mean come-on - a mature lady like me is the best companion you'll ever have. I'm smart, playful, self-sufficient (apart from the catnip bit, yeah, yeah), AND, last but not least, I AM BEAUTIFUL.
So why are they all cooing ??
Yes, my cousins are cute. They live in the french countryside on a pink fleece. Yes, everything kitten is super cute, and maybe everything french too.
I was once a kitten you know, i was once cute too.
And now i'm just plain BEAUTIFUL.
And not jealous of the attention that all the kittens of the world get.
Not one bit.
So, stop looking at them, because in this place, it's ALL ABOUT ME.
All right ?

Monday, 3 May 2010

KattyCat, busier than a bee.

So many things have happened lately, i have been the busiest cat ever.

I mean, for a start, the Da Birds seem to regenerate so quickly, i feel like i'll never managed to keep them under control. As soon as i eventually manage to kill one of those feathery things, here you go, another one appears. Thankfully, i'm a brave scottish cat, and i'll fight the invader with all my might. I don't think i will ever tire of this war. Mummy insists it's just a game to keep me fit - but let me tell you, she has no clue. General KattyCat will win over the ever renewing Da Birds !

Oh, and the humans have decided that i needed some hard brushing to get rid of my winter fluff - i mean COME ON, i NEED my heavy coat for those cold scottish spring nights, now that the radiators are off ! So i'm learning new kinds of meows to make sure mummy understands when enough is enough. Damn brushing, it really spoils one's nap. And i don't see the problem with a few hairballs, even when they come through the other side... er... well... you know... Anyway. What happens in the litter box stays in the litter box. Well, most of the time that is.

Oh, and mummy has started a new season of "i need to get fit, let's do gym with my wii" - oh dear, i mean, doesn't she know that her belly is just perfect as it is - soft and comfy, perfect for a tired cat to sleep on. What if she looses all her fat and her comfiness ? So i've been feeling that it was my duty to interfere, and ask for food, catnip, play, or even just a cuddle when she's huffing and puffing with her hand weights. I'm not being annoying, just supportive of my mummy's current figure. I really don't see who could blame me.

All of this, plus the birds to keep an eye on, especially on the sunny spot in the morning, i'm telling you, i'm way overworked.
It's hard work to keep on top of so many things.
Yet, i can't wait for the season to heat up, with the "spot the open window" game coming up soon.
I think i really, really like spring time.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

KattyCat & the writer's block.

Mummy's breakfast on the table - CHECK
A laptop - CHECK
A sunny spot with a cushion - CHECK
Adventures to tell the world - CHECK
Catnip to trigger inspiration - missing.

Monday, 29 March 2010

KattyCat, playboy kitty

I think my humans have no clue about privacy.
I mean come-on, i do show them my belly, but it's because i love THEM, and it's not for the whole world wide web to see !
Yet, time and time again, they take pictures of me in ANY kind of positions possible.
Look at this one for example - this was a PRIVATE bath time on the sofa, while i was high on catnip and happy with life - why does it end up on this blog, i don't know. There are things a little cat cannot control.
There should be a law for cats to own the right to their image.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

KattyCat, sun worshipper

I think spring is back !
Oh i love spring, the sun, and the birdies singing all day long.
Oh happy days coming up !
Sleeping on my cushion on the window seat all day long, only to be woken up by the feather things on the trees, or the feather thing in the living-room.
This is THE life.
Playing, sleeping, watching.
Shame my humans are a bit stressed at the moment - too much work i've heard them say, it makes them cranky and quick to argue.
Can't they see that all of this doesn't matter when the sun is BACK !

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

KattyCat, all by herself.

They've done it.
I'm still in shock.
How could they ?
Leaving me ? All alone ? For 3 WHOLE NIGHTS ?
That's not fair, that's not allowed, or that shouldn't be.
Oh i know, they've sent Auntie J. to give me food and play with me everyday. And i have to admit, Auntie J. is super nice, and she has REAL birds at home, so hopefully i can visit her sometimes and have a nice close look at her buggies.
But still, can you imagine ?
NOBODY to sleep on at night ?
NO lap, NO belly, NO play-time before bed, NO cuddles in the middle of the night, NO NOTHING !?
I have to find a way, i have to make sure this doesn't happen ever again.
I can't have my heart broken another time.
Nobody leaves Katty in a corner.

Friday, 19 February 2010

KattyCat, on the hunt.

Oh my god, a bird has entered the flat.
I think it's on a string, and it does disappear quite mysteriously inside a cupboard when my play time is over.
But when it's around, flying back and forth, IT IS THE BEST THING EVER !
I've managed to catch it a few times, and i love it so much it makes me growl and hiss - don't even think of coming between me and Da Bird.
Seriously, kitty friends, get one. This is fabulous.